A Poem for Blair.



In a world full of dreams, there would be no rough times,

No diseases, no murderers, not even slight crimes.

In a world full of dreams, there would be smiles and joy,

 Every person to a home, every child to a toy.

But unfortunately life sometimes takes a turn for change,

Even though the pictures, memories, and videos still remain.

Throughout someone’s life, many hardships will be faced,

The comfort of their presence can still be traced.

Bumps in the road, you still need to be strong,

Even if the recovery takes quite long.

Blairie was more special than any daughter, friend, or role model I’ve met,

Her genuine personality and positive attitude, a new view on life, she did set.

Throughout this past year and a half she fought every day,

Ang, you made her someone special, I must say.

She gave you a strength that no one knew you could possess,

Although among the family there was quite some stress.

It’s people like Blair that make life worth every piece of the cake,

A good life and good memories with her she did take.

I want you to know your friends are here,

To light up the room, even if it’s with just a little cheer.

But remember a dreamland doesn’t really exist,

Throughout life there always has to be that one little twist.

I hope laughter can be your medicine and time will cure your pain,

Just know you are stronger for have going through the strain.

I’ll lend you my hand and shoulders to comfort you for the rest of time,

Please always remember, you’re a dear friend of mine.